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Earth Care Summer Day Camp

Why Camp? Some thoughts of Sarah Christensen, volunteer counselor 2015 and 2016

Day camp at Compass on Dexter is such a memorable experience. Getting to know the kids was such a gift! I am so excited to do it again this year that I scheduled vacation time from work so I can be available as a counselor all week.

Looking back to last summer, I wasn’t aware that these children don’t spend a lot of their time outside playing. From day one, we made use of Denny Park (right across the street from the apartments): setting up soccer games, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and having a blast on the jungle gym, swings, and slides. It was nearly impossible to get the kids to go back inside willingly! It was apparent that, even though all of this was directly across the street from their home, opportunities to play over there were few since their parents and caregivers are so busy working too many hours at multiple jobs just to get by.

Days that we were able to field trip out to the Zoo and to Discovery Park were wonderful, too. What, to me, are familiar and closely-linked neighborhoods in Seattle are completely different worlds to these downtown kids. As we entered Discovery Park and became surrounded by trees and the color green, cries of, “We’re in the woods!” rang through the bus.

These are just a few highlights from last year. Also fun and important were opportunities to make art and learn camp songs together. The sense of belonging that grew among us as the week went on, both among children and counselors, is what draws me back. I continued to volunteer throughout the summer at Compass on Dexter and look forward to returning this June.


A challenge from Council will match the first $1000 raised so that 30 children and 6 junior counselors will be able to participate at no cost to their families. Please, give as you are able. Note Earth Care Camp online or in check memos.


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